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2020 Gene Francis Memorial Award for Top All-Around Company

American Real Estate ERA Powered

RISMedia’s 2020 Real Estate Newsmakers

Released January 10, 2020

Neil Walter

ERA Brokers Consolidated

Nelson Zide

ERA Key Realty Services

RISMedia 2020 Power Broker Report

Released April 1, 2020

Rank by Sales Volume

#35 – HUNT Real Estate Corporation ERA
#162 – Wilkinson ERA Real Estate
#168 – Reliant Realty ERA Powered
#229 – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered
#281 – ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.
#285 – ERA Wilder Realty
#320 – ERA Real Solutions Realty Company, LLC
#329 – ERA Brokers Consolidated
#335 – ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
#336 – ERA Grizzard Real Estate
#434 – ERA King Real Estate Company, Inc.
#527 – ERA Colonial Real Estate
#603 – American Real Estate ERA Powered
#604 – Knipe Realty ERA Powered
#607 – ERA Shields Real Estate
#640 – Legacy Real Estate & Associates ERA Powered
#653 – ERA Strother Real Estate
#656 – ERA American Real Estate
#715 – Napier REALTORS® ERA
#761 – ERA Reardon
#788 – Watson Realty ERA
#803 – ERA Central Realty Group
#836 – ERA Team VP Real Estate
#857 – ERA Sunrise Realty
#863 – ERA Matt Fischer REALTOR®
#869 – ERA Great American Realty
#883 – ERA Courtyard Real Estate
#904 – ERA Martin & Associates
#978 – ERA American Realty & Investments

RISMedia 2020 Power Broker Report

Released April 1, 2020

Rank by Transactions

#70 – HUNT Real Estate Corporation ERA
#190 – Legacy Real Estate & Associates ERA Powered
#202 – Wilkinson ERA Real Estate
#231 – Reliant Realty ERA Powered
#350 – ERA Brokers Consolidated
#393 – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered
#457 – ERA Grizzard Real Estate
#458 – ERA Wilder Realty
#494 – Knipe Realty ERA Powered
#498 – ERA Shields Real Estate
#499 – ERA Real Solutions Realty Company, LLC
#507 – ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
#528 – ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.
#601 – ERA Colonial Real Estate
#694 – ERA King Real Estate Company, Inc.
#743 – Napier REALTORS® ERA
#793 – ERA American Real Estate
#821 – Watson Realty ERA
#900 – ERA North Orange County
#902 – ERA Central Realty Group
#941 – ERA Real Estate Links
#993 – ERA Lambros Real Estate

2020 Real Trends Game Changer

Released May 4, 2020

Scott Lauri

ERA Central Realty Group

Real Trends Five Hundred

Released March 26, 2020

Companies by Transaction Sides

#35 HUNT Real Estate ERA; Buffalo
#170 Wilkinson ERA Real Estate, Charlotte
#174 Reliant Realty ERA Powered/ERA Home Run Real Estate
#239 Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered
#273 ERA Wilder Realty, Columbia
#293 ERA First Advantage Realty, Ino., Newburgh
#337  ERA Real Solutions Realty/Rath Realtors
#346 ERA Brokers Consolidated, St. George
#351 ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate, El Paso
#352 ERA Grizzard Real Estate, Leesburg
#452 ERA King Real Estate, Anniston

Companies by Closed Sales Volume

#74 – HUNT Real Estate ERA
#186 – Legacy Real Estate & Associates ERA Powered
#216 – Wilkinson ERA Real Estate
#372 – ERA Brokers Consolidated
#414 – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered
#462 – ERA Wilder Realty
#485 – ERA Grizzard Real Estate

Real Trends the Thousand

Released June 19, 2020

Individuals by Sides

#12 – Quincy Smith, ERA Matt Fischer Realtor
#53 – Penny Crick, ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.
#54 – Neil Fischer, ERA Strother Real Estate
#67 – Stephannie Wilson – Schuler Bauer Real Estate ERA Powered
#94 – Virginia Cleven PC, ERA Four Feathers Realty, L.C.
#99 – Jason Alge, ERA Geyer Noakes Realty Group
#114 – Rebecca Demastus, ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc.
#120 – Dennis Estep, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
#130 – Marc Leeth, ERA Martin & Associates
#177 – John Denniston, HUNT Real Estate ERA
#212 – Loretta Maimone, ERA Grizzard Real Estate
#235 – Patricia Hirsch, ERA Hirsch Real Estate Team

Teams by Sides

#1 – Amanda & Kyla Team, ERA All In One Realty
#5 – The Kurzner Group, ERA Atlantic Realty
#39 – Jennifer Davis, ERA Realty Center
#62 – Eric Locke Team, ERA Great American Realty

The Watchlist for Upcoming Leaders & Innovators

Released January 15, 2020

Charlie Hunt

HUNT Real Estate ERA

Top Residential Real Estate Franchisor List

Released June 19, 2020


    NAHREP Top 250

    Released May 13, 2020

    #13 – Dennis Estep, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #27 – Jack Bumgardner, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #78 – Franco Briseño, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #81 – Enrique Alzate, Wilkinson and Associates ERA
    #82 – Erik Gomez, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #93 – Raymond Borrego, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #98 – Daniel Tagle, ERA Courtyard Real Estate
    #171 – Martin Talamantes, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate
    #207 – Carlos Padilla, Watson Realty ERA
    #221 – Juan Carlos Beltran, Wilkinson Real Estate ERA
    #216 – Luis Carlos Perez, ERA Sellers & Buyers Real Estate 

    Team ERA is respected in the industry


    Agents believe we are leading major competitors in growth speed by a wide margin.



    Two most prevalent words our brand is associated with were ‘Full Service’ and ‘Experienced.’



    The industry at large – including our competitors – most recognized us as a leader in ‘Technology’, ‘Culture’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Reputation.’

    Results are from survey conducted by Wakefield Research between December 12th and 30th, 2019 among 950 real estate professionals (brokers and agents).

    Sharing Team ERA wisdom with the industry

    We launched a social media strategy, posting daily to help grow our network, to raise our industry profile and to drive talent attraction for your companies.

    Since January, we’ve gained over 11,000 new fans on Facebook. That’s up nearly 700% over same time last year. Our engagement rate is up 415%.

    Instagram followers are up 45% and engagement +300%.

    Twitter engagement is up 113% over the same timeframe last year.

    Our LinkedIn followers have grown 34% since the start of the year, and we continue to see spikes in engagement.

    Helping you corner your local market

    New branding materials in Core & Powered

    Every detail of our brand was created thoughtfully and strategically. Our color palette is fun, bright and works well together – just like Team ERA. Our grid design is symbolic of many things. It’s a blueprint for community because real estate is local. It represents connectivity because that’s what our culture is about. And it represents technology, because that’s what our history is about as Electronic Realty Associates and also what our future is about. We use triangles as a design element because corners are strong and where things come together – just like Team ERA.

      All new listing presentation

      Core and Powered…English and Spanish

      Our new listing presentation was created based on feedback from brokers and agents. Beautifully designed in our new look and feel, it’s customizable and includes instructions on how to customize. It’s modular – you can add slides, delete slides, change the order to fit your style. Plus, each slide has a script.


      ERA Brand ID Guide

      Identity standards, design guidelines & image library tells our visual story. It’s where you can find info on our new look, the design, the colors, the fonts.  It explains our tone and is also home to downloadable design elements, logos and logo guidelines, yard sign guidelines and more.


      The New Distinctive Properties program

      New look and feel

      The new look of ERA Distinctive Properties is a modern and sophisticated take on our core brand. The design showcases our triangles and grid pattern, but in an elevated fashion. The colors are derived from our brand palette and consists of beautiful jewel tones in blue. These design elements coupled with the properties that you represent will be an elegant partnership.

      All-new ERA Distinctive Properties website

      Featuring a modern look, beautiful imagery, lifestyle search and profiles of our luxury agents, and is designed to drive increased customer engagement and traffic through

      Expanded luxury listing distribution

      In addition to our standard listing distribution, ERA Distinctive Properties luxury listings receive additional exposure through our partnership with ListGlobally. Our luxury listings are syndicated to a premium network of almost 100 sites in over 60 countries worldwide – at no additional cost.  In addition to that, our luxury listings are also sent to, and

      Hyper-local marketing solutions


      The ERA Local Marketing Center is basically a media agency for Brokers. Our digital marketing experts evaluate your goals for targeted local marketing and help you reach them. Plus, they’ll also review your performance with you.  If you’re savvy enough, you can run campaigns all on your own with their DIY option, but it helps knowing you have a team that is ready to guide you. It’s targeted marketing that helps create brand awareness and lead generation, made easy.

      The new Leverage

      Leverage, the one-stop destination for all the essentials to manage your business, was relaunched this summer. It now includes a Facebook-style newsfeed, easily shareable content, follow hashtags and even favorite pages and more. Notifications, powerful search, expanded document library, customizable calendar, customizable tools and resources, all available in a mobile-friendly site.

      Strengthening relationships to create referrals & repeat business

      Relationships are the new data

      “Relationships are the new data – Data is a critical foundation, but one of the most important trends for the future is that relationships are the single most important thing in business. This has never been more true than now.” -Sherry Chris, President & CEO, ERA Real Estate

      Team ERA earned rave reviews


      Customer Satisfaction Rating


      Customers Satisfied with their ERA® Agent


      Customers that would Recommend their ERA Agent

      Source: ERA Customer Satisfaction Survey, January through November 2020

      And now you can use them to generate business

      New automated social testimonials

      Your agents’ best customer satisfaction survey results are automatically transformed to social media posts on your company’s Facebook page – and link back to their agent page. Allowing them to publicize their great results, build their reputation and generate new leads.

      Launched in August and has since turned thousands of past clients into new leads.

      Staying top of mind with clients is essential for repeat and referral business

      Follow-Up Programs

      Staying top of mind with clients is essential for referral and repeat business

      Our Relationship Marketing Programs generate referrals and repeat business through strategically timed communications, designed to keep brokers and agents valuable and visible long after the transaction.

      ERA Moves

      Beyond the transaction

      That’s why we offer programs and tools to help you generate more referrals and repeat business.

      Stellar results from ERA’s Client Retention products, including ERA Moves. ERA Moves has helped just over 63,000 people move their home and has saved an estimated $5.7M in moving costs for clients.

      ERA Global Referral Network

      Show your reach

      Our new one-stop Global Referral Platform includes everything from referral promotion, agent validation, referral tracking, translation and payment processing – and at no extra cost.

      Driving productivity through technology


      Branded property views

      Pageviews on

      Views through listing distribution


      1. Leads: LeadRouter, Jan 1 – Dec 15, 2020
      2. Branded property views: Google Analytics, filtered by property detail pages combined with GA reporting for and SocialBoost internal reporting, Jan 1 through Nov 17, 2020.
      3. Pageviews: Google Analytics, pageviews, Jan 1 through Dec 10, 2020.
      4. Views through Listing Distribution: ListTrac internal report for total views, Jan 1 – Nov 17, 2020.

      Turn flyers and postcards into lead generators


      TextERA is our #1 lead generation source–providing you with buyer-ready leads.

      Now we also offer TextERA Home Kits that automatically integrate TextERA into property flyers and postcards – turning your print marketing into powerful lead generators.


      text messages open and read


      convert to showing

      1. TextERA is our #1 lead generation source: Based on internal data and a controlled broker evaluation
      2. 60% of TextERA leads convert to showings: Based on total number of gross leads reported through ERA Real Estate’s leads management system from August 2019 through August 2020. Gross leads are not necessarily indicative of lead quality or conversions.

      Buyers are ready for you…now



      We introduced Conversion Boost by OJO. It helps meet the needs of homebuyers while also qualifying leads along the way.

      With Conversion Boost by OJO, buyers receive personalized guidance with timely insights and tailored recommendations straight to their mobile phones. As they progress through their journey, they become more prepared, and are introduced to qualified agents at the right time.

      Growing through Talent Attraction

      The 7 Steps to Recruiting Success

      The 7 Step to Recruiting Success process was designed to follow the flow of what our most successful recruiters do when assembling their annual recruiting plans. This process was designed to house tools and programs to align with the logical steps it takes to put together your plan.

      Talent Attraction Materials

      Available in Standard and Powered

      • Research infographic flyer
      • Reasons to join flyer
      • Recruiting brochure
      • Agent value brochure
      • Product flyers
      • Social media graphics and posts
      • Large & small postcards
      • Drip campaigns in recruiting CRM
      • Digital banners

      Talent Attraction Presentation

      Core & Powered

      Beautifully designed and customizable, this presentation will help you walk prospects through all the value that ERA provides – and the content is aligned with all of our other materials, weaving a consistent and comprehensive story – a script is included for every slide.

      Our new dedicated career site helps drive recruiting leads to you.  It’s a great destination for your marketing messages and leads will be directly added to your Alignmark CRM  – where we have drip campaigns waiting for you to stay in touch with your prospects.

      We changed how we work and we perservered

      ERA Information Hub

      We kept our agents and brokers abreast of the latest industry trends, thought leadership and financial opportunities that were introduced in 2020. Complete with brand, industry and government resources, the Information Hub helped our network’s businesses thrive.

      Weekly virtual training series

      To ensure business continuity, we launched a series of training events for brokers, managers and agents. We heard from industry leaders who shared thought leadership, forecasts and essential tools to help you navigate your business

      Over 1,100 of us gathered, virtually of course, to hear from brand and industry experts and to congratulate our ERA award winners. With a total of over 20 speakers and 15 training sessions we showed how strong the Team ERA spirit can be.

      In November, social distancing kept us apart, but 180 brokers still came together, virtually, for Ignite. During our second fully virtual brand event, we underscored that nothing can stop Team ERA.  With speakers and training focused on your business we showed our commitment to each others success.


        Learning designed for your growth

        Listings Taken, Closed Units, and Closed Sales Volume (collectively, the “Metrics”) were measured during this Study. To calculate the results, we took a sample of the 3,680 independent sales associates who had been affiliated with ERA Real Estate for at least a year prior to the study and who participated in ERA® Real Estate training classes and activities between August 2017 and August 2019 (the “Sample Pool”) and entered their activities into All sales associates included in the study completed one or more training classes, each ranging in duration from a minimum of  three hours up to twenty-two hours. We compared the Metrics of the affiliated agent population that took no training courses with the Metrics generated by the Sample Pool during the 12 months prior to their taking any ERA Real Estate training and then during the 12 months after the end date of each agent’s training. Study completion date was September 2020.  The research is subject to a sampling error rate of + or – 5%.  This was not a controlled study; correlation does not equal causation.  Past performance does not guarantee future results. Market conditions may influence results and there is no assurance any ERA Real Estate  affiliated sales associate will achieve the same or similar results.

        The spotlight was on Team ERA

        As featured in:

        PR Impressions

        Meltwater Media Monitoring, Jan-Dec, 2020

        Grattan Donohoe, ERA Danahoe Realty

        Working With Skittish Sellers? 7 Ways To Ease Their Worries

        Kennedy Akinlosotu, ERA Nations Realty

        How One Broker Is Helping Immigrant Buyers Navigate the Homebuying Process

        Andrew Linn, ERA Davis & Linn

        First Person: 3 Real Estate Brokerage Trends Emerging

        Kurt Schuler, Schuler Bauer ERA Powered

        Grassroots Agent Movement Buys Thousands in Food for Frontline Workers

        Neil Walter, ERA Brokers Consolidated

        Utah to NYC Coronavirus Flower Run Possible Thanks to Small Truck, Big Heart of this Jersey Guy

        Anna-Marie Ellison, ERA King Real Estate

        Real Estate Sales Meetings: All The World’s a Stage

        Eb Moore, Wilkinson ERA

        Broker Talks: The A to Zoom of Recruiting During a Pandemic

        ERA Global Affiliates

        10 Agents from All Across the Globe Talk About Getting Back on Track

        A year like no other. A team like no other. Team ERA.

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